(Days of) Tropicana

Experimenteel Buurthuis Maison de Quartier Expérimentale

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Camera Tripod

From 22 to 25, Jakob Van den Broucke ( and I walked from our homes to our Heimat, in Meerhout. This walk will ultimately lead to a public moment showing the work we created during and around this walk and this theme.

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Notes to Self I  

against the wall the men were lined up against the wall they were young men some folks from the city sanitary department had come to line up against the wall they showed no particular interest in the events bound to follow smoking silently…


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Currency - Flowers for Heyvaert

Video fragment filmed by Vincen Beeckman of me performing my Currency Polaroid Portrait Studio in the Heyvaert neighbourhood in Molenbeek/Anderlecht. First of a series of photographic interventions in that neighbourhood, which is known as the second-hand car export hub of Europe and the Middle East. Organised by Recyclart, flowers with te support of Bloomit Bxl and Laure D'Hoe.

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Nachtdichter Riso poster I

To celebrate the first live show of Victor de Roo and Alex Deforce's Nachtdichter EP, we released two limited edition posters featuring polaroid photos I made of them and fragments of Alex' poetry. €10 each, mail if you would like one. Photo of his own bedroom, where his poster hangs, by Julian Devos.

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Our dear friend Poesmans Vanderborght

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Doormats greet you. 'Welcome', they say.



In februari 2019 schreef ik elke donderdag een column in De Standaard. De vier columns zijn vier brieven aan een vriend, die samen één lange brief vormen. Lees ze hier:

Phantasmata II

One part of my show at Recyclart in December consisted of a approximative recreation of my office environment at the 25th floor of the WTC tower, where I wrote and created most of the Phantasmata - Photographic-Therapeutic Walks. Behind my desk, I made an ‘inspiration wall’, using my own photos, risograph prints, an article by Koen Sels about Sol Lewitt and a graph by Sigmund Freud. It presented the mental context in which I conceived these Walks. At this temporary office, visitors could come and order their Phantasmata prints. .

Phantasmata III

The second part of my show at Recyclartbxl in December consisted of a projection room. In there was where the real magic was at, under the auspices of full moon wizard Maarten Lauwaert. This is where all the Phantasmata were shown, where people could choose their Phantasmata out of the hundreds that randomly crossed their eye. This is where people made their choices, sitting still, imagining themselves walking.


Autobiografie van een Koer

Limited edition zine with photos by me (and participants in my Photographic-Therapeutic Walks) and an amazing poem by Alex Deforce , screen printed at Chromodrome, Brussels. Anderlecht

Phantasmata IV

Installation as part of group expo Garage Pirate, in Recyclart, Brussels, January 2019.

Phantasmata IV (detail)

Installation as part of group expo Garage Pirate, in Recyclart, Brussels, January 2019.

Currency - A Polaroid Portrait Studio  

In Currency, a Polaroid® Portrait Studio, a camera is placed on a tripod, lights are set up, a white background and mobile set design clearly communicate: this is a photo studio. Clothed in a white suit, the photographer stands representing the…


Phantasmata : Photographic-Therapeutic Walks  

Phi is for Photography Phi is for Phantasma Phi is for Phantasmata"In his work De Anima, Aristotle defines the imagination as a place situated at an intersection halfway between perception and thought, thus making possible a fluid connection between…


Duo Portra Studio  (5 new items)

In the summer of 2013 ninety duo’s entered the Duo Portra Studio, a photographic caravan at Plazey Festival in Brussels. One by one they conquered their fear and shame and were led into the dark of the caravan, blindfolded and enchanted. During the DPS sessions, they became subsequently photographer and model of someone they didn’t know, just met or were very familiar with. What happened behind the closed door of the caravan during those sessions will forever remain the secret of those who dared to cross the threshold. We can only observe their eyes and their face in the pictures they made of each other and see if we can find ourselves there, or someone else, or nobody, or everyone.