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Kasper's 2014 Postcard Bonanza - 30 photos from 2014 sold as individual limited edition postcards, from September 1st until 30th 2014

Each postcard is a print of a photo from the seven first months of 2014. Each photo is titled by one of the lines of the poem La tendresse, so that the complete series forms the entire poem.

From September 1st until 30th 2014, one postcard was published on facebook and on Instagram every day. Five signed and numbered copies of each postcard were available at €6 per postcard.

Only series 5 of 6 was available as a complete series and was put on sale on September 1st.

Series 6 of 6 will not be for sale.

(La tendresse, 11/30) Bruxelles, avril 2014 SOLD OUT

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