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Phantasmata - Through the Fire

THROUGH THE FIRE WE SHALL BE REBORN — During the last session of the series of Phantasmata workshops in Ganshoren, before we had to start preparing the exhibition, we went for a final walk. With our group of nine, we went into the little patch of woods w

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Sheep, at the school (COMPACT EXPO, DAY I)

The sheep had their temporary grazing patch next to a school not far from GC Kontakt. The sheep returned in the form of staketsels, eerily finding their place behind the enclosure again. >> http://www.kasperdemeulemeester.be/essays/2020/02/compact/

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L5 of Sint-Augustinusschool in Vorst, Brussels collected objects around the Hoogte 100 church, next to their school, an artificial and topographical central point of the neighbourhood. In five minutes they composed an image in a sleeve.

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