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Welcome to the Takeaway (Phantasmata V)

As part of the group expo ÎLOTS (May 2019), I created a Phantasmata shop inside imaginary walls, where the public could save and then appropriate prints I made of the phantasmata generated as part of the Photographic-Therapeutic Walks in the spring of 2018. As long as they did not take a print from the pile, paint kept dripping from an elevated bucket onto the works. At the exit of the takeaway, they were asked to write down their name and the title of the work they took with them, thereby authenticating the work they made while cleaning the paint from the print.

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Camera I-pod

From 22 to 25, Jakob Van den Broucke (https://jakobvandenbroucke.be) and I walked from our homes to our Heimat, in Meerhout. This walk will ultimately lead to a public moment showing the work we created during and around this walk and this theme.

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