Over the years, Kasper Demeulemeester has compiled an archive of hundreds of images and texts from the Territory of Gansberg-Koekelhoren, also known as the Brussels municipalities Koekelberg and Ganshoren.

Compiled through years of actions, public or private, an repository of information evolved into a vast network of photographs, phantasmata, poems, short stories.

After ten years of these actions, the Estate of Kasper Demeulemeester was asked to open these vaults to the public. The neighbourhood cultural centers De Platoo (Koekelberg) and De Zeyp (Ganshoren), which have supported Kasper's work in this territory over the years, support the Estate in making this work public.

In the setting of a temporary neighbourhood newsroom, visitors will be asked to choose a number of items from the archive, which will be combined on the spot into a unique edition of their personal zine. 

The archive will also be rendered public through a specially designed internet engine which will allow visitors to dream up their personal selection from the archive, which can then be directly printed and delivered to them. This engine, which will function as an autonomous artwork in itself, was designed and built in collaboration with Maarten Lauwaert, formerly known as Friendly Internet.

More info about the zine launch, about the opportunity to create your own edition of the zine and other practical aspects of this work can be found here

Gansberg-Koekelhoren Zine Publication, January 29 - February 7 2021, Koekelberg, Brussels