A Green Heart

Ever since the autumn of 2004, I document the demise of the Green Heart of Ganshoren, the Brussels district where I come from. A protected wild, green area on the edge of the city and suburbia, the Green Heart of Ganshoren ...

Line 25

To celebrate the 175th birthday of the first continental railway, I walked from Brussels to Mechelen on July 22 of 2009, following the railway line.

No one wanted this

In the spring of 2010 I documented all the stuff that was left behind at my grandparents' house after my grandmother died and the house was sold.

Negenentwintig Luchten

In the spring of 2009 I made a series of pictures of the sky above my house in Laeken, using a plastic Panoramix camera. 29 of these skies made it into a book.


In the fall of 2009 I started taking pictures, every day, at 3.33pm, using the camera of my old Samsung phone. I would do so for an entire year, 365 days.

#1083 - part 1 - Duo Portra Studio  

The Duo Portra Studio is a very intimate and mobile photo studio in which two people enter and are consecutively photographer and model. While they experience this photographic mini-universe, secluded from the world outside, they live through personal…