La Tendresse  (6 new items)

Kasper's 2014 Postcard Bonanza

La Tendresse  (4 new items)

Kasper's 2014 Postcard Bonanza

La Tendresse  (1 new item)

Kasper's 2014 Postcard Bonanza

La Tendresse

Kasper's 2014 Postcard Bonanza


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Duo Portra Studio

In the summer of 2013 ninety duo’s entered the Duo Portra Studio, a photographic caravan at Plazey Festival in Brussels. One by one they conquered their fear and shame and were led into the dark of the caravan, blindfolded and enchanted. During the DPS sessions, they became subsequently photographer and model of someone they didn’t know, just met or were very familiar with. What happened behind the closed door of the caravan during those sessions will forever remain the secret of those who dared to cross the threshold. We can only observe their eyes and their face in the pictures they made of each other and see if we can find ourselves there, or someone else, or nobody, or everyone.

...wallpapers, floors and curtains

Patterns in curtains, tiles and wallpapers all around the house.

...the other stuff

The leftovers of the leftovers.

...the books

All the books no one wanted.

You're the soldier, You're the war

I followed the rebels troops of the Brusselse Onafhankelijke Strijdkrachten - Forces Indépenantes Bruxelloises (BOS-FIB) during a couple of their missions in 2010 and 2011.

A Green Heart

Ever since the autumn of 2004, I document the demise of the Green Heart of Ganshoren, the Brussels district where I come from. A protected wild, green area on the edge of the city and suburbia, the Green Heart of Ganshoren ...

Line 25

To celebrate the 175th birthday of the first continental railway, I walked from Brussels to Mechelen on July 22 of 2009, following the railway line.