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The Lokal Fototek Foundation

THE LOKAL FOTOTEK FOUNDATION is a project devoted to local photography, which I started with Vincen Beeckman under the wings of Recyclart. The Foundation is first of all a physical space in Molenbeek, Brussels, and radiates from the space of the cultural center in the Manchester street to the rest of the city and beyond. It is a place where photographic collaborations with the people from the neighborhood can emerge, starting from new images (which can be made in the Fototek itself, at people’s homes, or in the street) or collecting their old photographs, archiving and reproducing them. Fototek will actively collect and archive these images, and open up its collection to the public. It will consist of local archives, but will for instance also be the place where you can discover the boxes from the collection of the Fusée de la Motographie, which was created between 2017 and 2019 by Vincen Beeckman. Regularly, exhibitions will be held to showcase the growing collection to the public. THE LOKAL FOTOTEK FOUNDATION is a totally free project, the only richess it envisions is the iconographic richness hidden under the surface of Brussels. Everybody is absolutely welcome to cooperate in the Foundation, everything is possible if it corresponds to the principles of the Foundation. http://www.fototek.org