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In februari 2019 schreef ik elke donderdag een column in De Standaard. De vier columns zijn vier brieven aan een vriend, die samen één lange brief vormen. Lees ze hier: https://www.facebook.com/notes/kasper-demeulemeester/correspondentie/10156142622317828/

Phantasmata II

One part of my show at Recyclart in December consisted of a approximative recreation of my office environment at the 25th floor of the WTC tower, where I wrote and created most of the Phantasmata - Photographic-Therapeutic Walks. Behind my desk, I made an ‘inspiration wall’, using my own photos, risograph prints, an article by Koen Sels about Sol Lewitt and a graph by Sigmund Freud. It presented the mental context in which I conceived these Walks. At this temporary office, visitors could come and order their Phantasmata prints. .

Phantasmata III

The second part of my show at Recyclartbxl in December consisted of a projection room. In there was where the real magic was at, under the auspices of full moon wizard Maarten Lauwaert. This is where all the Phantasmata were shown, where people could choose their Phantasmata out of the hundreds that randomly crossed their eye. This is where people made their choices, sitting still, imagining themselves walking.