COMPACT! - Sheep in the City

Portrait of Sheep #2Brussels, summer of 2019

A herd of sheep in the city, Brussels, 2019. A community center bringing two artists together to reflect on how sheep in the urban landscape could be away to research community, to create interaction, to ask questions. Portraits of sheep, kin to men. Details of their coats, close-ups of their faces.

Many thanks to Charlotte Bonduel of Gemeenschapscentrum Kontakt (part of ) for starting this soft revolution of a project with Ewout D'Hoore and inviting me to meet and spend time with them and their band of kind sheep.

The photos were printed on very large blue-back posters and pasted onto the parts of the city where the sheep had been in the summer, as a way of re-introducing them again into the neighbourhood and start a reflection on the possibility of a presence of sheep and other grazing animals in our contemporary urban fabric.

Compact Expo Poster by GC Kontakt

Did you know sheep can remember as many as 50 different faces, for as long as two years? That's more than most people.

Did you know sheep need a leader to go somewhere, that they get stressed without a leader, and that they elect or force someone to become their leader if there is none?

Did you know sheep can recognise expressions on faces, and that they prefer a happy face to a frown?

Did you know sheep can establish lasting bonds of friendship?

Cité de l'Amitié 21,5 x 2,3m posters were pasted around the neighbourhoods were the sheep had been in summer.
Sheep, at the school (COMPACT EXPO, DAY I) The sheep had their temporary grazing patch next to a school not far from GC Kontakt. The sheep returned in the form of staketsels, eerily finding their place behind the enclosure again. >>