The Estate of Kasper Demeulemeester

Since 2021, the Estate of (de Nalatenschap van) Kasper Demeulemeester takes care of the work of Kasper Demeulemeester.


¬ A selection of recent work (installations, publications,…) :


¬ Organisational projects in which the Estate and/or Kasper are implicated:

  • Temporary Information Center (with Jakob Van den Broucke)

    • Related: the project Heimat. All three phases of this project are well-documented on Jakob Van den Broucke's website.
    • Between july 2020 and now, fifteen sections of T.I.C. have been founded: A4, Akkasie, the Berm, Dissemination, Framing, the Freedom (De Vrijheid), Meerhout, Menen, Mol, Moortebeek, Recreation, Sculpture, Watou, WIP, Temporary Transformation Center and in oprichting. The publication DISSEMINATIE functions as a vademecum to the T.I.C. organisation and the T I C subscription formula.
    • The collaboration with Jakob Van den Broucke is and will not be limited to these collaborative entities.
  • Lokal Fototek Foundation (with Vincen Beeckman) (on sabbatical)

  • Buratinas (with nadine and Buratinas captains loose group)


  • Tropicana

    • Started in 2016, this space at the corner of de Hooikaai and the Lakensestraat, next to the KVS theater in the center of Brussels was the longest-running of Kasper's organisational artworks. In the end it was mainly active as a social grocery and foodbank, in collaboration with Femmes d'Algers et d'Ailleurs asbl. In the spring of 2024, works will start at the building where Tropicana is housed, which is owned by the OCMW of the city of Brussels.


¬ Publications available (get in touch for availability and prices) :


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